This crazy golf season will come to a close this Sunday, October 18.  We will be aerating the greens the following day as well as aerating fairways and tees the rest of the week and just doing all the things necessary to put the course to bed so it comes back strong next spring.  Thank you to all for making it a great season despite the trying times.  Your support has been awesome!!!

Join the Mirror Lake Men’s Club and play in the Point Series Events.  Season long points leader wins a 2021 Season Pass*!

June 28  Match Play Qualifier

July 12 Point Quota

August 2 Chapman Scotch

August 9   3 Club

August 16  3X9

August 22-23  Club Championship      Double Points

*Payout dependent upon actual participation.

Travis Blackmore took this awesome photo of a just hatched turtle strolling across #9 green last weekend.  I’ve seen some small ones roaming the golf course before, but never one this small.  It was the size of a quarter!